Our Story

We are a craft beer inspired company that loved the idea of creating all natural candles that are not only great for everyone, but have zero waste and are totally reusable. Smell responsibly isn’t just a nod to the beer space, but It’s our way of creating a reliable and sustainable product here in North Carolina. We wanted to make something that reflects our desire for quality, as well as our personalities.

We are three dudes and a wax-melter who aren’t your typical candle makers; we love beer, we love innovating, and we love enjoying what others have made. That’s why we combined the best parts of the craft beer industry with a home décor product and we made it awesome! We made it approachable, unique, and enjoyable to the folks who love great smells as much as they love time with friends over a pint or two. We want to celebrate togetherness and community. Whatever your brew, we’ve got a handmade candle for your style. That’s just how Brew does it.

Choosing your favorite candle just got a whole lot easier! Just pay the $4 shipping and you get a free sample box delivered to your door. Each spring collection scent card has a drop of fragrance oil on it so you can try out every candle before you buy! Finally it is as easy as SHIP, SNIFF, CHOOSE!

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