Our Candles

What We Do:

At Brew Candle Co we make craft beer inspired candles poured into reusable beer glasses! We travel around to different breweries all over NC and drink beer, you know, for research purposes. Sounds like a hard job right? We then take some of our favorite ones and break down the beer into tasting notes and flavor profiles. With our notes in hand we go back and try to recreate these prominent flavors as fragrances for our candles. We have tried A LOT of beer and made A LOT of candles but we haven't even scraped the surface yet! There is so much amazing beer out there and some many talented individuals in this industry and we are so thankful to be apart of it.

What's In Our Candles:

In today's world it is becoming increasingly more important to pay attention to what is in the products that we buy as well as what we allow in our homes. We have a passion for keeping our planet as green as possible, so we try to keep our product as simple as possible. So, here is a list of everything that is in our products:

1. 100% cotton lead-free wick (yeah, some candle companies have wicks with lead in them....that burn...in your HOME)

2. All-natural soy wax (stay away from paraffin wax based candles, paraffin is a by-product of the crude oil refinement process)

3. Essential oils & fragrance oils

4. Liquid dye

5. An awesome beer glass (we use the same glassware company that virtually all craft breweries in North America use, so you know you are getting a durable quality glass)

6. Recyclable box & packaging

Candle Care Tips:

1. When you light your candle for the first time we recommend that you burn it for 3-4 hours. This allows the melt pool to get all the way to the side of the glass and will help the candle do so after each subsequent burn.

2. Soy wax is a very clean burning substance, but if you notice soot building up on the inside of the glass this is most likely because the wick is too long. Try and keep the wick trimmed to 1/4 inch each time you light your candle.

3. Candles get hot, that is just a thing. If you wish to relocate your candle while it is burning be sure test the temperature of the glass before picking it up. The base of the candle is typically the coolest part of the candle. And as always keep out of reach of children and animals.

How To Clean & Reuse Your Glass:

Once the candle is burned down to the bottom simply stick the outside of the glass under a hot faucet. Our wax melts at 119 degrees F and most faucets can reach 135 degrees F. Once the glass heats and the wax melts pour out the remaining soy wax, wipe out the inside with a paper towel, and run the glass through your dishwasher. You know have an awesome new beer glass!

Choosing your favorite candle just got a whole lot easier! Just pay the $4 shipping and you get a free sample box delivered to your door. Each spring collection scent card has a drop of fragrance oil on it so you can try out every candle before you buy! Finally it is as easy as SHIP, SNIFF, CHOOSE!

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