Frequently Asked Questions

1. Do your candles smell like beer?

Our candles are inspired by the different tasting notes and flavors of craft beer, we then take those flavors and recreate them as fragrances for your home.

2. How long will the candles burn?

Candle burn time can vary by glass, but our pint & tulip glass candles burn for an average of 35-40 hours!

3. Do your candles burn all the way to the edge?

Yes, they do! We recommend the first time your burn our candles that you burn it for 3-4 hours. This allows the melt pool to get all the way to the side of the glass and will help the candle do so after each subsequent burn.

4. What if my candle looks lighter or crystallized?

In the candle industry this is called "frosting" where it looks like part of the wax has become frozen. This is a common in 100% soy wax products and does not affect the candle's performance or fragrance. While we always strive to have our candles look uniform, this process does occur in about 3-5% of candles. But hey, at least you know it is 100% soy wax.

5. Does the heat affect the glassware?

Nope! Our glassware is the same high quality glassware that virtually all craft breweries in North America use. We have never had a single candle break due to heat. But do be careful, the candles can get hot when burning like most candles do so please test the candle's heat before picking it up, and as always keep out of reach of small children.

6. How can I reuse the glass?

That is a great question! Once the candle is burned down to the bottom simply stick the outside of the glass under a hot faucet. Our wax melts at 119 degrees F and most faucets can reach 135 degrees F. Once the glass heats and the wax melts pour out the remaining soy wax, wipe out the inside with a paper towel, and run the glass through your dishwasher. You know have an awesome new beer glass!

7. Do you offer custom candles?

Yes, we are open to all ideas! We have partnered with several breweries, businesses, charities, and even made custom candles for weddings. We consider each opportunity on a case by case basis. So if you want something unique for your business or event send us an email through our contact page here!

8. Where can I buy your candles?

You can buy them right here on our site silly! But we also have several retailers where you can purchase them locally. Support local business! You can find a list of retailers on our "Local Retailers" page here.

Also, if you know of any bottle shops, gift stores, or breweries where our candles may be a good fit be sure to tell them about us!

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