The Brew Crew


JP Teague

CEO | Founder

I direct our company in a positive, profitable directions while upholding our values and vision for Brew. I lead and effective team of very talented and creative individuals, together we combine the craft beer industry with a unique home decor product. I want everyone to be able to enjoy our candles alongside their favorite local beer.

For inquiries on wholesale order and events contact me at:



Jordan Propst

CCO I Content and media

I lead the team in visual media to generate solid content that pushes Brew's brand. I utilize social media outlets and marketing to have our product as well as our story seen. I show what smell responsibly means for our company.  

For inquiries on collaborations,  visual media, and cross promotions contact me at:




David Clontz

CPO I Research & Development 

My role is to maintain quality and consistency in our product, to connect essence with aesthetic in each candle, and to expand our variety through research and development. All of this effort is made to provide an attractive, and useful product. 

For inquiries on custom orders for your next business event, wedding, craft brewery collaboration contact me at:



James Cobb

Charlotte, NC Sales Representative

I help to push our brand and product to be a staple in the craft beer community here in Charlotte. I strive to get our candles in bottle shops, breweries, and in front of customers throughout the area as we continue to grow as a business. 

For inquiries on getting our candles in your shop, store, or brewery contact me at:

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