Zest Yourself | Appalachian Mountain Brewery

May 15, 2018

Zest Yourself | Appalachian Mountain Brewery

Style: Grapefruit India Pale Ale 

ABV: 6.8% 

Zest yourself before you wreck yourself, firstly these cans are beautiful and it's great to see these pop of colors and use of symmetry to make this release stand out. AMB is a local spot for the Brew crew and myself, this I actually snagged in a bottle shop only because it had AMB on the front (I had to represent.) The aroma was orange zest and almost tart with these grapefruit notes piercing the nose quickly. I love herbaceous and fruity style beers, this hit you like a wave of these flavor characteristics of the bat, it was true to form and while it held a slight haze in it's body while the color was a burnt orange typical of a India Pale Ale. This was not a typical style for me though, I'm not a fan of the tartness of grapefruits when it comes to the actual fruit, but when it's a hazy beer or a gose/sour style with grapefruit notes I can surrender some of my apprehension. The foam head was tall and sticky with carbonation billowing towards the top, it mellowed as I kept on enjoying this fruity-bitter delight of a beer. It's very tart and grapefruit forward, but you get a wave of a bitter hop bite that rounds out the flavor profile of this IPA. It has a thick mouthfeel and the grapefruit notes linger, but the hop finish cuts through consistently. It starts to get sweeter and more zest and almost more subtle as I started to get a freshness and fruity sweetness towards the end of the Zest Yourself. I loved it, Thanks AMB!

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