Wildflower Witbier | Natty Greenes Brewing Co.

July 27, 2017

Wildflower Witbier | Natty Greens Brewing Co. 

Style: Witbier 

ABV: 4.50% 


The Wildflower holds a hazy body with slight carbanation having a fresh, floral aroma all around. It's color is a straw yellow with a thin white foam head that mellows in retention with each taste of this witbier. It's a fresh, floral flavor with notes of what reminds me of the character of a saison or farmhouse style ale. With notes of crisp malts and barley in the finish. There is a slight spice kick to it, but reminds light and almost like an afterstaste. Overall it's a sweet, crisp brew that keeps a solid blance in floral and smooth all in all until the beer finishes slightly bitter and crispy with malt profile. It's tasty and a polite witbier that any saison and floral style lover would enjoy. Thank you Natty Greenes! 

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