White Thai | Westbrook Brewing Company

April 12, 2017

White Thai | Westbrook Brewing 
-Style: Wit Bier
-ABV: 5%
The aroma of lemongrass and spices are heavy and prevalent, and makes it's unique presence known. The head is white, thick, and sticky. Holding a golden tea color, the profile of this beer replaces citrus and coriander hops with ginger roots and that lemongrass. It has a powerful spice backbone that smooths out that then bites your taste buds with the ginger and holds its flavor with notes of the lemongrass. It reminds you of a late evening tea and is relaxing with it's 5% ABV. The lemongrass lingers after the spiciness, giving it that strong tea resemblance. The canning itself has unique artwork that leads you in to this earthy, tea like wit bier. Different, great for tea lovers, and enjoyable for light beer drinkers all around. Enjoy! Thank you Westbrook Brewing.
By Jordan Propst

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