Wesser Evil Porter | Lazy Hiker Brewing Company

July 17, 2017

Wesser Evil Porter | Lazy Hiker Brewing Company

-Style: American Porter

-ABV: 5.75% 

-IBU: 30 

A not so evil American style Porter that any "lazy hiker" would enjoy anytime. Early morning with it's coffee style or during that evening hike with it's burnt oak taste and sweet finish. The aroma is coffee and oaky. The color is a deep ruby with a nice and thick haze giving you a thin, tan foam head, with little to no retention. It's smooth and molasses first sip holds hints of coffee with a surprising sweet hop finish. Not too bitter, a perfect Porter for those that dig light and dark beers. This Porter leaves you with a sweet mouthfeel that gives a break from those more robust notes. Drink your own drink and hike your own hike with this porter, it's the perfect balance for a dark style beer that you'll appreciate on any mountain. Thank you Lazy Hiker! 

By Jordan Propst

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