Well Played | Left Hand Brewing Company

May 03, 2018

Well Played Red IPA | Left Hand Brewing 

Style: American IPA 

ABV: 6.8% 


 Well played, well played indeed; this red India Pale Ale was smooth and delightfully bitter as it had a nice balance of hop forwardness and that sweet, malty character. I've had Left Hand's various stout releases, including the milk stout (which I loved) and few others that made me trust to branch out with one of these seasonal IPAs. I loved it's ruby red hue and carbonated body topped with a tan and tall foam head. It held a sticky retention similar to a classic pale ale while reminded me of an amber style with it's color and aroma. It was a sweet, crisp note with a strong and piney scent at the head of this red IPA. It was surprisingly smooth and sweet at the first little sip, but I kept getting this earthy, piney hop bite that consistently became more present. While it delivered on a malty, sweet backbone. It drank smooth and with a solid bite, making a well-rounded flavor profile.  The hints of sweetness and a slight crisp aftertaste gave the Well Played it's unique remix on a traditional American IPA. It kept that earthy and strong hop taste while it hit you with needed notes of malty crispness that's typical in amber ales. I totally dug this and thank you Left Hand! 

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