Watermelon Lime Ale I New Belgium Brewing Co.

June 28, 2017

Juicy Watermelon | New Belgium Brewing Co. 

 -  Style: Lime Ale

 -  ABV: 5% 

New Belgium's summer time beer is this Watermelon Lime Ale. With it's sweet, fruity aroma and light, pale color bring a refreshing day time drinker of a beer. Golden and clear with a thin, but sticky white foam head the ale holds a clean and carbonated profile. The first sip is just like biting into a slice of Watermelon with a bite of lime in the aftertaste, with a light mouthfeel of fresh fruit all around. I'm typically not a fan of Watermelon flavored anything, but this ale surprised me in the best way. The Watermelon flavor is prominent, but the lime balances it out so it stays tasty and light. This a back porch, sunny day kind of ale and at 5% it's light and smooth. Perfect for a summer day or anytime you're craving watermelons! Thank you New Belgium! 


By Jordan Propst 

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