Tropicalus | Lenny Boy Brewing

May 08, 2018

Tropicalus | Lenny Boy Brewing

Style: White India Pale Ale 

ABV: 6.0% 

A tropical style IPA, but not just a typical India Pale Ale.. it's a white IPA? I had never had a traditional wit style meshed with a hoppy pale beer before the "Tropicalus." First of all, I've had Lenny Boy's kombucha, but only had their coffee stout. It was unfortunately around the time of year when I was burned out on coffee and dark beer styles. I wanted to grab more of Lenny Boy's beers, I love the feel of their cans and their labeling is just simple and elegant for a Charlotte brewery. I had somehow always talked myself out of snagging something other than their kombucha. Not this time, not once I saw this white IPA; I was drawn in by the tie dye colored palm tree and the beautiful orange-ish  colored can. The body of the "Tropicalus" (magnificent naming by the way) was slightly hazy with some noticeable carbonation towards the top where it's foam head was an egg shell white. Tall as it held a sticky retention and I got this earthy and citrus aroma at the nose of the beer. I got the banana notes and a hint of an earthy, almost herbaceous note which reminded me of a gose and a hefeweizen style. The color was a burnt orange, which I love to see in tropical India Pale Ales. Literally this was such an interesting IPA that I was glad I committed to, that first taste was sweet and juicy with a hop bite. The hop character was forward, but with a nice earthy and crisp flavor profile that balanced it very well.I got the citrus throughout and picked up the banana in the aftertaste while the herb wit flavors made the beer finish smooth and tastefully. I loved this, thanks Lenny Boy! 

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