Triangular Optics | Bhramari Brewing Co

May 29, 2018

Triangular Optics | Bhramari Brewing Co 

Style: American Imperial India Pale Ale 

ABV: 8.1% 


All my milkshakes bring the boys to the yard and damn right, this beer is the bomb. The can is trippy and uses some stellar artistry to add a solid visual character to this already interesting brew. A milkshake IPA with several hop profiles with vanilla, oranges, and some chai tea in there too. The front reminds me of a vinyl record and it's tie-dye color just makes the style all the more interesting; alright, alright enough with the can (I know.) The color of this was straight blood-orange with a a haze in it it's body, almost no clarity (it reminded me of grapefruit juice.) At the head of the IPA was this sweet, fresh squeezed juice scent met with a creamy and hopped aroma. I got hints of the tea in there as I kept smelling. The foam head was a thin and carbonated, but laid atop the beer with a nice, white color to it. The taste was a rich and creamy forwardness with a wave of orange zest and vanilla at the back bone of the "Triangular Optics" and I got a slight zesty aftertaste followed by this chai tea flavor. I dug it, a complex profile with balanced hits of tasting notes within the first couple of sips. I took my time really wanting more of a hop style to cut through, it threw bites of hop bitterness in the finish that lingered with a sweet mouthfeel. I really enjoyed the vanilla creaminess and those orange zest notes being so forward and strong while it broke up the base of the style with that tea and zest before it punched me with hoppy goodness. It stayed true to the milkshake sweet taste while it had delivery on these strong and unique additives in the IPA. Loved the beer, tripped out over the label, and I totally took my time just enjoying this complex, tasty brew. Thanks Bhramari!

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