Toasted Lager | BluePoint Brewing Co.

July 27, 2017

Toasted Lager | BluePoint Brewing Co. 

Style: American Amber/ Red Lager 

ABV: 5.50% 


BluePoint's toasted American lager has a copper almost ruby colored body with hevy carbonation coming from the bottom of the beer. This by the coast lager is a unique, malty amber with a thin and almost tan head with little to no retention inviting a sweet smooth character. The aroma is malty and has a burnt almond note to the nostrils, great clarity and body throughout. That first taste is sweet and smooth with that malty crisp aftertaste that builds with each drink. This amber goes perefect by the ocean or anytime you're craving a nice smooth and crisp lager. It's a constant toasted, malty backbone with smooth and sweet notes showing it's complexity in the multiple grains used.  Coming together for a super tasty summer time lager. Thank you BluePoint!


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