Tin Cup Camp Stout | Burial Brewing Company

August 23, 2017

Tin Cup Camp Stout | Burial Brewing Company 

Style: Stout 

ABV: 5.0% 


This almost session like stout is reminiscent of those evenings full of campfire smoke and good company, this beer is perfect for that enviornment. It's an easy and crisp style stout that drinks smooth and easy. At the head, the smell is oaked with an almost coffee hint to it leaving a smokey aroma. The foam head is almost none exsistent with little to no carbonation to be seen; while the color is thick and dark in profile. Mirrioring that feel for a campfire by night, with it's low ABV at 5% it's a light stout and exactly the unique brew to enjoy on your own time. That first taste is a thick with barley and an oak like flavor that cuts through with notes of fresh coffee at the finish. The balanced character gives you a slightly bitter, almost oatmeal aftertaste that lingers. The balance between the smokey barley and coffee comes together with that sort of thick, burnt backbone that stays consistent all until that last drop in your "tin cup." Thank you Burial! 

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