Sugaree Saison | Appalachian Mountain Brewing Co.

August 03, 2017

Sugaree Saison | Appalachian Mountain Brewing Co. 

Style: Saison | Farmhouse Ale 

ABV: 5.3%


AMB's Sugaree Sasion holds up to the local and unique vibe between sweet and fresh. A different take on a farmhouse ale, it has a spicy pear profile with a forward taste of that sweet, sugary flavor of pears at its head. The aroma has a hoppy, almost floral, scent with hints of that pear character throughout. The body is hazy and heavily carbonated, topped with a nice, thick, and sticky foam head with a soild retention all in all. It mellows, leaving you less of that bite and more of those sweet notes in the farmhouse. Noticeable is some light sediment lingering around, offering a pleasurable, unfiltered drinking experience. The taste of pear stays sweet, but leaves an almost sour finish that gives it a nice balanced style. Thank you, AMB!

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