St. Benedict's Breakfast Dubbel | Haw River Farmhouse Ales

October 10, 2017

St Benedict's Breakfast Dubbel | Haw River Farmhouse Ales

Style: Dubbel  

ABV: 6.7% 

 Coffee and Oatmeal in a Dubbel? Actually a breakfast Dubbel, i'm personally not a huge fan of fig and the heavy alcohol taste that the style brings, but as you all knowe by now, i'm a huge fan of coffee additions to most any beer. I had the pleasure of trying the "St. Benedicts" from Haw River last year on a Valentine's Day date at Proper here in Boone, NC. I instantly loved it. The bottle, the design, and the unique style had me. I now personallly have both bottle types as a part of my collection. This was my second go around and I was excited to jump back in to this coffee-oatmeal Dubbel; It's a thick, dark almost like a cup of black coffee in color while holding this tan and wispy head. That aroma is a strong coffee and fig smell with hints of oatmeal and alcohol on the nose. The smell brought some nostagia, I took that first sip and felt that rich, thick, and delcious flavor. That first taste is coffee and chocolate foward with a well rounded oatmeal finish. Gives you this slight fig freshness and a bite of alcohol with each drink, take your time as it is rich and heavy. It'll be worth it, the coffee notes linger, but the oatmeal-malty profile gives you that crisp finish it needs. You'll get those subtle and sweet hints of cocoa nips and slight fruit to bring it all together. Thank you Proper for carrying this ale and thank you Haw River!

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