Southern Basil | FullSteam Brewing Company

April 03, 2017

Southern Basil | FullSteam Brewing Company
Durham, NC 
5% ABV 
 A wheat ale with a very sweet, inviting foam head and first taste. Balanced carbonation, slight hazy body. A greenish, yellow color. The sweet sips leads to an earthy, spicy full flavor that lingers in the mouth-feel. Easily a light and smooth 5 percent beer. Unique in style and profile. It gives a very coated mouth-feel that light, tea drinkers and lovers of earthy, natural profiles will enjoy. The sweetness begins to fade as you get further in your drink, but the basil taste is nowhere near overwhelming. If you like beer with character and a sweet, earthy body. Southern Basil will not disappoint. Thank you FullSteam. 

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