Sorghum Foxfire | Fullsteam Brewery

July 05, 2018

Sorghum Foxfire | Fullsteam Brewery 

Style: India Pale Ale 

ABV: 5.5% 


Foxy, tasty, and easy drinking for a summer India Pale Ale. Typically I don't mind the more traditional pale beers out there, really what drew me in was the fox artistry on the label of the can. That said, I love FS's design and labeling with this simplistic logo and dedicated style. Every beer I've had, especially "Coffee Is For Closers"  has been awesome and I'm committed the brews. I will say, I dig the new styles and labeling they go with on the most recent releases, but I loved snagging a can with my favorite freaking animal on it with that classic canning too. The color was a nice dark-yellow and it's body held a slight haze in the clarity which you can always appreciate in an IPA. I loved the tan and tall layer of foam at the head of the beer. I'd say the aroma at the nose was floral, citrus, and slightly piney. I loved that about IPA character, the "Foxfire's" profile was true to it's scent, but it had a more herbaceous and sweet forward taste. It held that sweetness, but it finished with a piney, but tropical bitter note that felt needed and even refreshing. I got that sorghum breaded character more towards the end which really layered it. It's hoppy profile stayed sweet and fruity consistently, but would hit me with a pine and floral aftertaste that I enjoyed. It's pretty balanced and surprising especially with NC grown/sourced barley to make this brew even more unique. Thanks Fullsteam!

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