Salty Coconut | Sycamore Brewing

June 28, 2018

Salty Coconut | Sycamore Brewing 

Style: Red Ale 

ABV: 6.5%

A coconut salty red ale? I have questions, but this Sycamore brew had the answers. I loved the "Gose" and "Mountain Candy" so I trusted the uniqueness of this style. I love their simplistic branding and feel of the can of their beers. Most amber or red ales I don't always vibe with due to the sweetness and overly malty backbone, but this brew was so different and tasty while still having those flavor profiles. All while giving me this sweet, salty, and tropical character in it. The color was a ruby red with a muddy haze in it's body. The foam head was tall and tan with some light carbonation breaking it up as it mellowed out. At the nose of the beer I got a sweet and coconut aroma with a hint of breaded malt. It felt well rounded in the scent and I even got a slight saltiness from my first sip off the top. I loved the salty forwardness followed by a dope taste of coconut that brought a tropical combo to it's style. The salt is heavy while the coconut is smooth just before I got this sweet and balanced malty note that sort of cut through my mouthfeel and lingered before hitting me with another wave of salty flavor. It was unique and balanced which surprised me for this red ale, but it really hit you with that tropical take on the red-amber ales out there. I loved that it was consistent and tasty without being too much on my pallet while it delivered on it's style, thanks Sycamore! 

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