Pinner Throwback IPA | Oskar Blues Brewing Co.

July 05, 2017

Pinner Throwback IPA | Oskar Blues Brewing Co. 

-Style: India Pale Ale 

-ABV: 4.9%  

This is a a sweet and crisp light hopped IPA. The Pinner stands out in being malty and crisp in flavor with a subtle and relaxing, malty profile. Golden and carbonated in color with a thick and sticky foam head, this is a mellow and smooth drinking IPA. Sweet in aroma and a bite of hops in the nose. It's not as hoppy as most Indian Pale Ale's and surprisingly refreshing and tasty. This solid IPA is smooth throughout with a solid hop kick of pineapple notes at the end, giving you that light-summer taste we all need! This citrusy, light, and sweet IPA, that drinks like a session, is perfect for light beer and hop head drinkers. It's sweet and tasty with enough kick of hop character to remind you what it is. Thank you Oskar Blues! 

By Jordan Propst

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