Pink Blazer | Blue Blaze Brewing Company

September 19, 2017

Pink Blazer | Blue Blaze Brewing Company 

Style: Hefeweizen A

ABV: 5.3%


The Brew crew had the pleasure of checking out Blue Blaze and thier tap room a few weekends back; we got to try out a flight and enjoyed a few pints with thier staff and brewers. We loved getting to talk shop and the craft beer scene with these awesome folks, the tap room made us feel right at home. If you haven't been, please go check it out! Their hefeweizen wheat beer, AKA the "Pink Blazer" is unique and tasty. Having a light yellow color with a cloudy, slightly carbonated body you get this unfiltered and flavorful vibe. The foam head is white and thin with some stickiness to it, but it'll mellow as you keep drinking. The aroma is pineapple and almost citrusy with this hint of hops and malty goodness. The traditional use of bananas as a profile note in Hefes is common so the pineapple stands out in character and style for this traditional wheat beer. You get a very pineapple foward taste that's met with a backbone of that wheat profile, giving you this hint of hops in the aftertaste. All balanced and well brewed. Glad I snagged a can, thank you Blue Blaze! 

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