Picklemania | Still String Brewery

July 03, 2018

Picklemania | Still String Brewery 

Style: Dill Spice Gose 

ABV: 5.4% 

Pickles and spices in a beer, nay a gose of all styles. Oh i'm down, you always get these fruity or juicy styles right now with the current beer trends. Even gose brews always have fruit or floral notes, now one of my favorites in that category was Molly's Lips (which kissed you with unique and tasty flavor.) Now this gose was a contender for delicious vibes and taste. I was recently at Still String Brewery after an event in near Carboro (Loved their humble and chill atmosphere, plus the beer on tap there) but I snagged this bad boy at House Of Hops in Raleigh. I love the characters they use on the labeling of the bottle, reminds me of Resident Culture, but it's own simple and quirky take on the artistry. The color was a nice lemon grass yellow with a nice hazed body (you can still see through it with some heavy carbonation) The top was egg shell white. At the nose of the beer, it smelled straight up like you opened up a pickle jar. It had a spicy aroma too, almost pungent, but pleasant at the same time. The first sip (I totally recommend taking your time with this gose) was sweet, but spicy and instantly reminded me of dill pickles without too much intense of a profile. I loved the pickle juice taste when I got that peppercorn adding depth in the style. It broke up the sweet and spicy notes with a finish of crisp, sharp peppercorn that made it all well rounded in the finish. It was awesome, thanks Still String! 

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