People's Porter | Foothills Brewing Company

July 11, 2017

People's Porter | Foothills Brewing Company

-Style: English Porter 

-ABV: 5.8% 

-IBU: 42 

-SRM: 30.1

This robust Foothills brew is a classic English style Porter with notes of toffee and espresso to give it that dark, flavorful profile every Porter needs. Classic in style, but tasty and unique in it's character. Holding a dark, almost ruby color with a thin, but sticky tan foam head. The aroma has notes of coffee and a slight hint of chocolate. Giving people this sweet invitation to salute to it's flavors and creativity. The initial taste is that toffee-almost chocolate note with an aftertaste of espresso that finishes with a robust overall profile. It's smooth in the first few sips, but gets stronger and more enjoyable as you finish the drink. Slight hints of earthy, fresh hops leaving no heavy mouthfeel, this is still a thick Porter and doesn't let you forget it. While still giving you those hints of espresso and toffee throughout, leaving it a balanced and easy drinking Porter for all people to enjoy. Thank you Foothills Brewing!

By Jordan Propst


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