Pale Ale | Pisgah Mountain Brewing Co.

July 04, 2017

Pale Ale | Pisgah Mountain Brewing Co.

-Style: Pale Ale 

-ABV: 5.7% 

With the taste of the mountains and streams inspiring this piney and fresh pale ale from Pisgah, it is unique and delicious. The foam head is thick, off white, and sticky, holding this earthy and pine aroma giving you that feel of being close to nature. Slightly hazy and burnt orange in color, this Pisgah  brew has great character. Having this pine hop taste with a floral kick while still having a fresh, clean, and crisp flavor throughout. Finishing out with notes of malt and bitter hops as the backbone of this brew. An earthy and hoppy pale, but still a mellow beer, perfect for the outdoors anytime. It gets sweeter and more refreshing with each and every sip. Thank you Pisgah Mountain Brewing Co.  

By Jordan Propst

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