Old Chub Scotch Ale | Oskar Blues Brewing Co.

June 21, 2017

Old Chub Scotch Ale | Oskar Blues Brewing Co. 

- Style: Scotch Ale

- ABV: 8.0% 

This is one of my personal favorite Scotch Ales that I have tasted recently. Not bitter or overwhelming in alcohol, but sweet and mocha in taste. It's aroma is chocolaty and sweet, but has a slight bite of alcohol on the nose. It's overall character has an inviting brown color with thick body that reminds you that it's a Scotch, it's slightly hazy with a deep brown profile that is perfect. The thick, sticky, and tan foam head is pleasant and smooth, but it still feels complex. Making this a balanced brew. At 8% be patient and enjoy each sip even though it'll make you want to chug this "old chub." It hold notes of chocolate and hints of coffee and oatmeal, but the backbone is malty yet somehow sweet with that dark, chocolate aftertaste that makes this a perfect, unique Scotch Ale.

By Jordan Propst

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