Nugget Nectar | Troeg's independent Brewing Co.

July 07, 2017

Nugget Nectar | Troeg's independent Brewing Co. 

-Style: American Amber | Red Ale 

-ABV: 7.5% 

Sweet, but not so innocent, this imperial Amber ale is a perfect mix for sweet Amber lovers and of course hop heads all over. A sweet hoppy aroma of American hops that introduces you to that perfect bitter-sweet euphoria. The whole lead hops give you this earthy and fresh taste of pine while holding a sweet profile. The hoppy backbone is delicious and you can't even tell you're drinking an imperial ale, the 7.5% will sneak up on you as the sweet nectar keeps you so distracted. It's dark, Amber color is perfect with a thick, sticky, and white foam head. As you drink it mellows out and keeps those subtle-sweet notes enjoyable throughout the Brew. 

By Jordan Propst


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