Negative Image | Ass Clown Brewing Company

June 05, 2018

Negative Image | Ass Clown Brewing Company 

Style: Peach and Blackberry Ale 

ABV: 6.7% 


The negative image has no negatives with me; thankfully my pallet was warmed up to the idea of a makeshift milkshake IPA or vanilla and fruit style brew. I snagged this not even recognizing it was an Ass Clown beer, the can was so unique and had a nice stellar and symmetrical look, it stood out. I dig the modern and artistic canning guys! Honestly the only Ass Clown beer I've had was the "Sea Salt and Choclate Stout"...I know, drink one, don't be one. The aroma at the nose of this brew was sweet and fruity with forward hints of peach and vanilla. I didn't pick up on the  blackberry until I definitely tasted on the head of the "Negative Image." The body was super cloudy and thick with this blood orange, almost muddy color. At the top was a thin and slightly carbonated- white foam head that mellowed out. It's very peach and vanilla heavy, but the flavor profile rewards you with this blackberry note that's vert tart and sharp. It really cut through and brought the style together, well balanced in it's character, but packs a nice punch of blackberry taste. That was my favorite part, the sweet and tart with the vanilla bridging the flavors. I got a bitter finish, but I liked how it broke up the sweet-fruit notes. All in all the blackberry taste and the way it came through was the bomb to me, thanks Ass Clown! 

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