Mur Rasperry Saison | Boojum Brewing Company

May 10, 2018

Mur Rasperry Saison | Boojum Brewing Company

Style: Fruity Saison 

ABV: 5.0% 

A raspberry style farmhouse ale sounds tart and delicious, I hardly find fruit forward styles to be disappointing. The earthy and fruity notes mesh so well while the artistry of the "Mur"brings together the vibe of this beer, from a very new to me brewery. I dug the stylized color of the plants and fruits on the bottom with that dark and grungy top reaching for the raspberry. It just looks cool, teases this fruity Saison very well. The color is an almost copper haze, it had an unfiltered body and a super strong raspberry aroma as I started to pour it into my tulip glass. At the head of the ale was this fruity and earthy scent on top the white and wispy foam head. With little retention the first sip is a heavy raspberry tartness with an almost gose profile to it. I got a nice sweetness that followed some of the prominent fruit flavor,  the finish is earthy and fresh as the overall character mellows out. You get that raspberry backbone that stayed constant and tart, but the floral notes made for a refreshing take on a farmhouse style. I appreciated the true to name flavor and the complementing tasting notes, the intense raspberry tart and hints of the fresh floral  taste made for a great spring time beer. Thanks Boojum, nice to meet you! 

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