Mountain Candy | Sycamore Brewing Company

January 30, 2018

Mountain Candy | Sycamore Brewing Company 

Style: India Pale Ale 

ABV: 7.20% 


It's citrus and dry hopped body is well rounded by it's dank, candy addition that brings you this juicy IPA character. Here in the high country having a nice, smooth India pale ale while soaking in the mountain view only adds to the best part of getting away with a solid, hoppy buzz. Mountain Candy combines that sweet, juicy style while giving you the tartness and citrus profile; I love the Charlotte beer scene and still appreciate any beer that pays tribute to it's natural roots. A CLT IPA that embodies the sweet trend of the "Queen City" while giving you that nice hop kick of the high country is such a refreshing blend. I celebrate the beer culture of sours and high gravity pale ales that have swept the city breweries, but in Boone we love our porters, lagers, and hoppy beers. Having been constantly in love with both trends, I can't complain about this union of the two.

It's nice, golden color and tart aroma are expected and welcomed. While it has little clarity you still get an obvious haze anyone can enjoy in a juicy IPA. This being a double dry-hopped beer tells you that overkill is indeed underrated; preserving those key, aromatic hops and bringing out such residual, strong, but balanced notes is difficult enough. All giving you a blast of hop flavor while masking the high gravity. That first taste is rather sweet and fresh, giving you those citrus tones then smacking you with this tart hop kick on the finish. This stays constant and can be a little overwhelming in the mouth feel which means I had to take my time, I happily enjoyed the sweet and tart fighting my pallet. The overall style is consistent and tasty, the double dry-hopped additive only made the "Mountain Candy" all the more layered and unique. Thanks Sycamore!! 

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