Molly's Lips | Bhramari Brewing Company

September 20, 2017

Molly's Lips | Bhramari Brewing Company 

Style: Gose 

ABV: 4.0%


Sour, roasty, and floral..this gose stands out in a creative profile and flavor. This balanced and black gose holds a balanced style between roasted and citrus notes. Dark, but playful "Molly's Lip's" is sweet with a nice bite; having this floral and almost orange zest aroma with hints of that roasted almost chocolately scent. The color is a black hue while it's body is thick with slight carbonation pillowing towards the head. With little retention the foam head is thin and wispy before it quickly mellows out. That first taste is almost sour, common of the gose style, but gives you this note of robust thickness. The gose profile is met with that orange zest, citrus flavor and finishes with a roasted bite. The after taste is this cutting floral taste that peacefully breaks up all these unique flavors. It only gets sweeter and that roasty bite starts to blend and is complemented by the floral lingering. Somewhere between a citrus sour and roasted porter, Molly's lips will kiss your tastebuds in the best of ways and remind you of the creative goodness she brings. Thank you Bhramari!

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