Mezcalita | Commonwealth Brewing Co.

January 17, 2019

A "Lime and Mango Smoked Gose Ale" from Commonwealth Brewing Co. This beer was mesmerizing; pops of orange, trippy symmetrical artistry, and that matte finish on the 16oz can. The body of this smokey gose only complemented the can art style and held an almost golden color and hazy clarity. I got that nice citrus and lime on the nose with a smoked note on a pillowing, white foam head. The "Mezcalita" gave me such a mango fruit forwardness with a nice lime tartness that rounded the body of this gose. Of course, I got that nice smoked finish that even felt spicy in the aftertaste. The mango profile cuts through more as the lime started to mellow out and the smokey flavor really became more prominent on my mouthfeel. Seriously a great, fun, and different gose to have anytime at 5.3%. For me, the smokiness is more forward out of the can where as the lime held more of a bite poured into the glass. I even at the pleasure of enjoying this on draft and I got more mango throughout. Do not sleep on this smoked gose, don't sleep on Commonwealth Brewing in general. Their branding, styles, and beer are all pretty awesome. 

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