MexiCali Stout | Birdsong Brewing

March 29, 2018

MexiCali Stout | Birdsong Brewing 

Style: Coffee Stout/ Chile Beer 

ABV: 5.8% 


I know, I know it's's not the season for coffee beer or stouts. Well, first obviously don't drink enough coffee to be human and you clearly have never had this stout from our friends at Birdsong. I'm an avid lover of the dark, roasty beers and of course I consistently praise the hoppy goodness out there. I'm still transitioning my pallet from dark porter, amber, and stout styles that dominate my beer fridge all fall and winter long. This, this was waiting for me there; with it's strong coffee forwardness, slight cinnamon notes, and that hint of chili spice I had waited too long to enjoy this stout. It's dark, almost black hue was fitting and the aroma on the nose of Birdsong's coveted seasonal was spicy and roasted. I was reminded of a deep-dark roast cold brew and some chili peppers almost instantly, it felt so unique already. The foam head held a nice tan color and was tall and frothy, but had little retention as it mellowed out. It hit me with a smooth roasted taste when I got a nice spicy-chili finish. The bite of cinnamon in the aftertaste didn't linger instead it just broke up some of that smoothness while it gave depth to the spiced notes. It's coffee character, of course, is smooth and creamy, but remained strong in profile. It stayed balanced in the combination, I never felt overwhelmed by the heat and spice, but it's finish brought it together, I did take my time just like my morning coffee. It just felt like I was drinking my morning dark roast-brew while eating a nice spicy breakfast, which is my favorite daily combo. The "MexiCali" holds it's own up next to the coffee or roasted style stouts, it gave me all of the dark yet smooth backbone it needed while giving me just enough spice, heat, and kick in it's flavor notes that made it one of the more interesting stouts I've had. Thank you Birdsong! 

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