Man eater. | Hi-Wire Brewing

June 14, 2018

Man Eater. | Hi-Wire Brewing 

Style: Double India Pale Ale 

ABV: 8.3%


The "Man Eater." is solid, heavy hitter double; I've been staying away from the double IPA's with their intensity and rush of flavor.I let the crew snag a few different brews to keep my variety complex on point. I loved the bold green colors with the simple text that made the label stand out. I was drawn in by the combination of the different hops that sounded well layered and interesting. Lets go, I didn't even catch that it was Hi Wire, but I was happily surprised and I loved that orange almost copper color and it's body being heavily carbonated, which I loved the traditional look on this double. A the top of the beer was a nice and tall foam head with a sticky and heavy retention to it. It had this sweet yet sharp aroma on the nose of the "Man Eater." when I got this piney and floral scent cutting through while already feeling the bite before the first sip. I loved the sweet frowardness that packed a big punch of hoppy bite and floral notes. I really tasted the citrus coming through as I kept drinking, the fruity profile took a while to show up, but when I loved how it came out in the character of the beer. It really left a lingering mouthfeel of hop bitterness that broke up the fruit and pine that I kept getting. It was balanced, but not overwhelming at all and I dug it even for a double. I was refreshed by the combo of citrusy sweet and piney bitter coming together until the end. Thanks Hi-Wire!

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