Lo Pitch Juicy IPA | Hi-Wire Brewing Company

July 12, 2017

Lo Pitch Juicy IPA | Hi-Wire Brewing Company

-Style: American IPA 

-ABV: 4.9% 

-IBU: 35 

This light American IPA drinks like a session and is smooth and fruity in the best way for a summer time India Pale Ale. A sweet and juicy aroma all around while holding a thick, sticky, and white foam head that mellows as you take your first few sips. Lo Pitch is a light greenish-yellow color with a slightly hazy profile and carbonated body. The initial taste is hoppy followed with a heavy fresh-fruit and citrus taste that anyone can appreciate. Sweet and smooth throughout, it holds up to the character of session like American IPA. There is a bit of hops in the mouthfeel, bitter aftertaste that fades quickly allowing you that next gulp of sweetness. Easy, smooth, and citrusy this is everything a light and fruity drinker would enjoy while still giving you those delicious hops that an IPA lover would go for. 

By Jordan Propst


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