Lazy Hiker Brewing | The Darkening Black Cherry Sour Ale

February 27, 2018

Lazy Hiker Brewing | The Darkening 

Style: Kettle Sour 

ABV: 5.2%


The cherry style kettle sour that helped to inspire one of our new candles, deserved  review. Exploring more of my personal connection to North Carolina beers, I realized I had only tried and reviewed a small amount of gose and sour style beers. Lazy Hiker has impressed me with their porter and staple IPA, both simple yet tasty so when I saw a 16oz four pack from them I was caught off guard. I had to try this sour from them, something different that challenges the pallet. The "Darkening" holds a strong cherry aroma, sweet with hints of chocolate on the nose. It honestly reminded me of a cherry flavored soda, but with this surprisingly inviting chocolate scent. The color was dark and thick with a ruby hue, holding a slight carbonation in the body as well as the little head retention. The foam layered on top in a nice tan color while ti mellowed out into your first taste of this sour. You get a blast of cherry sweetness that met with a balance of tartness in the backbone, but gives you a solid chocolate finish that breaks up those strong profiles. I typically go for blueberry or raspberry characters in my sour or gose, but this reminded me of chocolate covered cherries and it stays constant, but the notes of cherry becomes less and less harsh as you get a more roasted note as you get towards the end of this "SOBO" series. Overall I am a huge fan, it was nice to have a strong and consistent styled sour. Thank you Lazy Hiker!

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