King's Bridge | D9 Brewing Company

March 15, 2018

King's Bridge | D9 Brewing Company 

Style: English Barleywine 

ABV: 12% 


I typically don't go for barleywine style beers with their heavy and alcohol flavor profiles; I appreciate the style and intention by such an intense character of beer, I see the appeal. I had to risk it and break up some of the constant IPA and dark beer in my pallet's wheelhouse. I've tried a view from various breweries and bottle shop, each overwhelmed my taste buds one after the other. Until I found D9's "King's Bridge"...I had to cross this bridge at some point so what the hell? I was not disappointing in my impulse to go for this English style barleyewine. Bare with me, this particular style isn't my forte.  The color of this heavy English beer was stunning, a nice ruby red with a slight haze in it's clarity. It held a balanced foam head that was tan in color and frothy at top. It felt well crafted and majestic simply in it's look. I wasn't as skeptical especially in the aroma of the king, at the nose of it I got a nice and sweet scent with a hit of alcohol and hint of breaded-malty goodness. It almost reminded of fresh baked bread and sweet honey, I even got a raisin character. All in all it finishes out those sweet breaded notes with a kick of a barley nuttiness that hits you with a a wave of alcohol between each sip. I was beyond impressed and having some of D9's sour and yes, even their coffee style sour I knew I had nothing to be scared of. Thank you D9!

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