Jam Session | NoDa Brewing Company

April 05, 2018

Jam Session | NoDa Brewing Company 

Style: Session Pale Ale 

ABV: 5.1% 


This is a jammin beer, it's a solid balance of style and flavor without sacrificing any character to keep this a mellow and enjoyable session pale ale. It's that sunny afternoon with your favorite tunes and friends kind of beer, it's notable malt backbone and fresh hoppy profile is like the sound of your favorite song. It's got a nice, golden color with a heavily carbonated body at that. It holds a tall and wispy foam head with a slightly tan color in it. The aroma is sweet and biscuit, that breaded aroma with hints of fresh squeezed hops. I got a scent of those citra hops at the nose while I could still smell that malty style cut through. It's got this traditional vibe in it's overall flavor while it still brought a fresh twist with some complex hop character. Super approachable and light, easy drinking for a pale ale drinker or someone to try out their first "hoppy beer." It's a hophead's starter beer and a for those looking for the light and malt while getting just enough hop kick, you can totally rock out with this NoDa session. The malt backbone is prominent yet balanced by the first wave of Centennial hops with a nice bitter kick of citrus and fruit bitterness that a pale ale like this needs. It's not heavy or overwhelming, but it holds true to while giving you more and more flavor throughout this pale. Definitely an outside beer while your rocking out to some tunes and good vibes, thanks NoDa! 

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