Jalapeno Pale Ale | Birdsong Brewing Company

April 13, 2017

Jalapeno Pale Ale | Birdsong Brewing Company
-Style: Pale Ale
-ABV: 5.5%
Charlotte, NC

The aroma of sweet, spicy jalapeño pepper is extremely inviting and unique. The beer is golden yet slightly hazy, carbonated yet balanced, with a head that is sticky, thin, and a darker-pale color. The taste is smooth and the notes of the fresh peppers gives all of the great flavors from jalapeños without any heat bite. It's smooth, all in all, with the resemblance of a brown ale taste coupled with a pale ale style that one is not only  proud of, but can enjoy all the same. It's unique, tasty, and local. It’s 5.5%, and the bitter aftertaste isn't overwhelming in the mouthfeel. The overall style and taste is great. Thank you, Birdsong from our beloved state's Queen City.

By Jordan Propst

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