Jai Alai | Cigar City Brewing

August 30, 2017

Jai Alai | Cigar City Brewing 

Style: India Pale Ale 

ABV: 7.5% 


Jai Alai is named after the "merry game" introduced by spain and once popular in the Florida area for some time; inspired by the game this india pale ale is tasty, strong, and exeptionally hopped throughout. Jai Alai is a variation of the sport "Basque pelota," a game of it's own much like this take on an IPA. It holds a solid light-orange color with a heavily carbonated body coming from the bottom; while the foam head is slighty sticky with a nice white color its still not to tall or thick. The head retention is constant and solid, at 7.5% this is a outsandingly mellow and fresh style beer that kicks strong hints of hops when the time is right. The overall aroma is hoppy with a slght pine and citrus scent on the nose. It's not heavy or overwhelming, but sweet and citrusy in profile. That initial taste is foward in sweetness having fruit notes layered on top with a slight piney and hoppy finish leaving little to no mouthfeel. This is an easy drinking IPA, but as you keep sipping you'll start to pick out those more bittering characters that give you a prominent and balanced style. Enjoy and thanks Cigar City!

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