Into The White | D9 Brewing Company

May 31, 2018

Into The White | D9 Brewing Company 

Style: Pacific Style White Ale- with spices 

ABV: 4.8%


Into the white is like riding a wave straight into a summer seasonal beer. It's smooth, light, an oddly spiced to add this kick of flavor I really appreciated. I love the color and sort of relaxed feel the stylistic canning has, it brought me to the beach and river days with a cold one and the boys. The aroma at the nose of this white ale is salty and slightly spicy with a sweet, almost citrus-fruit at the top. The foam head is thin a wispy with an egg shell white hue while the body of the "Into The White" was hazy with some mellow carbonation coming from the bottom. The color was a straw-yellow and reminded me of a juicy or gose style beer. The first taste is sweet and fruity with a kick of what tasted like salt that made me feel like they brewed the best parts of spring and summer into it. I dug it, I enjoyed the surprise it left on my pallet and I got this spiced aftertaste that lingered and became more forward as I kept on drinking. I loved the notes of sweet-citrus while getting a salty and overall spicy profile. I enjoyed the uniqueness and surprise tasting notes that cut through this white ale, thanks D9!

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