HopJob | Foothills Brewing Co.

June 27, 2017

HopJob | Foothills Brewing Co.

-Style: Session India Pale Ale 

-ABV: 4.9%

-IBU: 75 

The nose of this session IPA is piney and hoppy with each sniff. The foam head of the Hop Job is thick and sticky, holding a full head retention throughout. That carbonated, yellow-golden color is beautiful and perfect for a session ale. 


It has a hop backbone with a balanced piney and citrus taste. The first couple of sips are heavy and hoppy, but mellow out to a sweet, smooth aftertaste. Giving it that session vibe we all love to kick back after a long day. You'll keep picking up these sweet, citrus notes in it's profile that bring all these flavors together. Bitter and sweet, the mouthfeel is never too much. At 4.9% it's a great IPA that'll make you forget about getting a job. Thank you Foothills Brewing!

By Jordan Propst

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