Hop & Lock IPA | Bhramari Brewing Company

December 05, 2017

Hop & Lock IPA | Bhramari Brewing Company 

Style: Mosaic Double India Pale Ale 

ABV: 8.5%


The initial aroma is fresh in hoppy-citrus goodness; holding notes of those sharp mosaic hops along with the rich fruit profile. It's slightly sweet and floral on the head, Hop & Lock holds a thick haziness, an unfiltered masterpiece of balanced hop character. Even in it's yellow-ish color it has that "hazy juice bomb" reminiscent of a New England IPA. With Bhramari, I'm always impressed by the uniqueness and style they take on with each of their beers. For a double IPA it's surprisingly sweet with a nice citrus bite in the aftertaste. With low bitterness and intense sweet-hop profile, you can expect a smooth double India Pale Ale. Little thickness in the mouthfeel between each sip, leaving time for the beer to breathe as you enjoy it. The hop characters cut through as you get through the bulk of the IPA, but that citrus, juicy flavor stays constant and even bitters out a little bit to remind you it's still a double. It's delicious, and the canning is gorgeous and frankly, bad ass. The front looks like a tattoo and stands out so well. I love it and this DIPA. 








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