Hop Knife | Troegs Independent Brewing

August 28, 2017

Hop Knife | Troegs Independent Brewing 

Style: American IPA 

ABV: 6.2% 


The Harvest Ale is the cullmination of the freshest and sweetest hops with all the fourishing flavor and character to show. Troegs American IPA holds a very earthy, citrusy, and foral style all into a unique, tastful balance. The flavor profiles and individual hop notes cut through, but leave a rewarding blow to your pallet. The color is a burnt orange with slight carbonation while holding a tall and thick almost tan foam head that becomes as subtle as the flavor. The aroma is fresh slightly fruity, and a sharp hop scent that leaves you guessing how this IPA will taste. That first sip is strong and hop foward, slightly piney and floral in it's notes, but finishes with a citrusy taste and after taste of freshness kn the mouthfeel. It's even and each note cuts through one after the other, giving you these well-rounded hop styles and tasting notes that any hop head or craft lover can appreciate and enjoy! Thank you Troegs! 

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