Hop Cocoa | Wicked Weed Brewing

January 16, 2018

Looking for that warming and soothing flavor to warm you up like hot chocolate? Or coffee? Hell, even that nice roasted marshmallow goodness by a campfire, this is the porter for you. Sweet and rich in taste as well as overall style. The Hop Cocoa is the perfectly balanced chocolate and hoppy porter I was missing to comfort me in these past few rainy, winter days. I felt like I could curl up in a blanket and enjoy sipping this beer as time passed. The clarity is thick, and dark with a nice solid-ruby hue in it's color. Holding a thin and wispy tan foam head with a nice creamy feel. The initial scent you catch is a wave of cocoa nibs and a little citrus, hoppy freshness at the head of this beer. When you start to enjoy the fresh, milky almost sugary character that cuts through at the start to the porter you quickly get that sweet-strong cocoa profile. At the finish of the beer is a nice, crisp hop note. Subtle and simple that breaks up those upfront and constant dark flavors. It's surprisingly not heavy on my pallet and didn't leave a bite or bitter mouthfeel. I enjoyed the dedication to this almost hot chocolate porter, it even had these nice biscuit and creamy tones that made for a well rounded take on a hoppy porter. It took me to s-mores and hot coco fantasy that comes perfect with weather and my love for all things dark that craft beer brews up. Thanks Wicked Weed!

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