Honey Kolsch | Rogue Independent Brewing

May 17, 2018

Honey Kolsch | Rogue Independent Brewing

Style: Kolsch 

ABV: 5.0% 

 Ohhh honey, this was a fantastic and fresh style kolsch, the malty and sweet character although very thick with the honey profile felt balanced and unique. I've tried Rogue's porters, their brown ale and they always have something interesting and different that makes the beer stand out. This Honey Kolsch is no exception, the can is very colorful and the bee on the front is a rad artistry for this spring farmhouse style kolsch. I love the fact that it was brewed with fresh-framed honey from rogue farms, I am not too familiar with what they produce (a part from hops and honey obviously) but it's great to try beers with in house products added to the brewing process. The straw yellow color of this kolsch only solidified my appreciation further both in it's flavor profile and brewing process. At the nose of the beer was this malty, biscuit scent with an almost syrupy sweetness aroma that gave you that mental image of fresh honey. It's foam head was an egg-shell white and tall-ish with a sticky retention that stuck around. (tehehe) The initial taste was very sticky and malt heavy as you got that traditional malt profile that comes from German Kolschs. I loved when I got this wave oh honey sweetness and a fresh, almost floral finish that it needed. It balanced out the malty backbone as it cut through with that honey note. Tasty, fresh, and different for a traditional style. Loved it Rogue!  

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