Hi-5 IPA | Terrapin Brewing Company

April 19, 2017

HI- 5 IPA  | Terrapin Beer Co. 

-Style: California IPA 

-ABV: 5.9% 

The initial aroma of this California style India pale ale is sweet and citrusy, almost tropical. The head is large and wispy, having a white color and begins to thin out with each sip. The color is clear with an orange, almost golden hue to a seemingly balanced IPA. The first taste is a little heavy with citrus hops and coats your mouth, but it doesn't last too long to distract you from "riding the wave" of this IPA. The citrus notes settle, become sweeter and smoother with each taste while still leaving a hoppy, bitter aftertaste to even out the notes. The profile is overall balanced, sweet, fruity, and down right tasty! Thank you again Terrapin.

By Jordan Propst

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