Here Gose Nothin' | Destihl. Brewery

October 04, 2017

Here Gose Nothin' | Destihl. Brewery 

Style: Gose 

ABV: 5.2% 


Well, here gose nothin'...Destihl's "Wild Sour Series" was actually a gift from our own Jake Oller, while he was on a mini road trip he dropped by and snagged us a four-pack while at their taproom. I'm typically more of a sour lover, Gose typically have those characteristices, but not as tart or crazy in their flavor profiles. After having Bhramari's Black Gose, I figured let's keep the trend going! This German style Gose is interesting, sweet, and tasty. Having a straw yellow color, with light carbonation coming up from the bottom and a slight haziness. The foam head starts out tall and white, but thins out quick as you dive head first into this unique take on this Leipzig style beer. The aroma is lemon and coated with salt, almost a lemongrass and earthy scent as well. The first taste is a sweet lemon flavor with hints of lime that add a bit of a sour kick, finishing with a salty aftertaste. The lime and salt taste seems to linger in the mouthfeel, but breaks up those sweet notes. It's balanced and worth the risk, thank you Jake and thank you Destihl! 

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