Hazelnut Brown Nectar | Rogue Independent Brewing

March 01, 2018

Hazelnut Brown Nectar | Rogue Independent Brewing

Style: Hazelnut Ale 

ABV: 5.6%

Rogue has always stood out to me for their unique and stylized beers; honestly snagging this from Peabody's here in Boone, NC totally made my day. It also just happened to be similar to our very own hazelnut coffee porter candle, this ale had to end up on my blog. The aroma of this reminded me immediately of a nice, iced latte and it held a rich sweetness with a hint of hazelnut all around the nose. I almost got this brown sugar character on the head, but it really reminded me of a solid brown ale. The body was a little hazy with solid carbonation. I love how the foam head formed a nice little mushroom and mellowed out as you watch the tan color thin out into a crisp first taste. It's balance between sweet and savory stays constant, I loved the hit of brown sugar and hazelnut that coats the mouth, but didn't linger as you keep tasting its crisp profile. The sweet notes and rich style really kept the ale well-rounded in it's character. It held a crisp flavor that I loved and it didn't take away from the overall style. Enjoyable and balanced, thank you Rogue!

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