Harmony Foretold | Campanology Brewing

August 10, 2017

Harmony Foretold | Campanology Brewing 

Style: American Pale Wheat Ale 

ABV: 6% 


This cucumber and wheat ale is harmoniously balanced and delcious. If you dig wheat style beers with a floral or fresh twist this is totally a speciality bottle you shoud get for yourself. The aroma is fresh cucumber with hints of lime and a light aroma of the breaded wheat profile. The color is almost a greenish-yellow in hue with a nice carbonated body; holding a slight cloudy character and having a thick, foamy head that mellows out along with the taste. The initial taste is heavy wheat with a kick of those fresh cucumber notes, finishing with a hint of coriander and aftertaste of lime. The foward wheat profile is solid and holds it's balance to the cucumber flavor. The coriander is subtle, but breaks the cucumber enough to leave a very unique, complementary style to this wheat ale. 

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