Hallo Ich Bin | Mikkeller Brewing

June 12, 2018

Hallo Ich Bin | Mikkeller Brewing

Style: Berliner Weisse 

ABV: ??? 

Apricots and that sweet, juicy, and sour traditional style from this Belgium inspired beer from Mikkeller Brewing. I loved it, the can reminded me of Evil Twin's style (hmmm, I wonder why?) Anywho, this beer style has always intrigued me with it' tradition and sweetness that cuts through in each version I've had. Mikkeller puts out some complex and tasty drinks, that's that. The little apricot drawings on the can are a huge representation of the flavor profile. The foam head is tall, I mean tall and it's frothy like a damn cloud. It's egg shell white color and retention was much appreciated and added to the feel of this beer. At the nose of the brew I got a crisp and apricot aroma with hints of sweetness to complement it. I got a bite even in the scent it put out, but the body was hazy and fit the vibe of it all. I caught some carbonation, but the greenish-yellow color really added to character. The first sip was all apricot and tartness with a solid crisp finish that it needed to leave it balanced. I even got an almost lemongrass taste with a somewhat floral note there. It's pretty carbonated yet still light and tart w, and when it wanted to be. A playful, tasty, and enjoyable beer. Thanks Mikkeller!

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